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Gorham Bridge Under The Milky Way, Proctor-Pittsford, VermontCrossing Over Gorham Bridge, Proctor-Pittsford, Vermont"Hammond Covered Bridge", Historic Marker, Pittsford Vermont"Mt. Orne Covered Bridge""Upper Falls Covered Bridge", Weatherfield, Vermont"Salmond Covered Bridge", Weatherfiled Vermont"Upper Falls Covered Bridge", Weathersfield, VermontMoxley Covered Bridge, Tunbridge Vermont  c.1883Flint Covered Bridge, Tunbridge Vermont,  c1843Howe Covered Bridge, Tunbridge, Vermont  c.1879Cilley Covered Bridge, Tunbridge, Vermont   c. 1883Hammond Covered Bridge, Pittsford, VermontKingsley Bridge In Winter, Clarendon, VermontCooley Bridge On A Winter Day, Pittsford, Vermont