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Aldermans ChevroletRutland Town Fire Department, Center Rutland StationFresh Eggs & Maple Syrup, Gallipo's Farm, Rutland Town, VermontHubbards Farm, Rutland Town, VermontWaiting For The Season At Gallipo's SugarhouseCrossing The Road At Billings FarmSunset At Hubbards Farm, Rutland Town, VermontSpringtime Snow At The Billings FarmSunset At Hubbards BarnNight Time At The Gallipo Sugarhouse"Waiting For Warm Days & Cold Nights" Gallipo's Sugarhouse, Rutland Town, VermontGallipo's Sugarhouse, Rutland Town, VermontSpring Evening At The Fire StationThe TowerTractors & The SunsetMeads FallsBillings SugarhouseTrain Going Over Meads FallsHubbards Barn In Winter