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"A Visit To The Kraus Family Sugarhouse"
I had a fun time last night capturing some photos at the sugarhouse in Mendon Vermont owned by the Kraus Family.
Several days ago I saw a post on instagram saying that they were going to be doing their first boil of the season.
I commented under the post, asking if they were wood fired, and they said yes.
So, like any other respectable Vermonter, I invited myself saying that I would love to take photos of their operation! Haha!
They said that they would love to have me come, so last night I did just that.
As I stepped out of my Jeep,...there it was,...that sweet maple syrup smell permeated the cool night air.
It was the son David that I talked to on the phone yesterday asking if it was OK if I dropped in last night.
When I arrived, David was out delivering some sap that he had sold, but his Dad Joe Kraus was there. He graciously welcomed me in to the sugarhouse, where he was explaining the boiling process to some family friends who were also there. Joe informed me that David ran the sugarhouse.
I took some photos and then told him that I was going outside to get some shots.
Soon David was back and I went back inside for some more photos and to take in the whole scene.
I just love sugarhouses. The smell, the stories, the laughter, ....did I say the smell??!!! Haha!
David told me that next year they plan on building a bigger sugarhouse with a larger evaporator and start selling their syrup. Right now he sells sap, and the syrup they make goes to family and friends.
I want to thank the Kraus Family and all the friends that were there, for allowing me to barge in and take photos. Also, to everyone for giving me permission to post these photos of them. Feel free to share and tag people. I really enjoyed the visit, and when I left, they sent me with a little jug of maple syrup.
You can check them out on instagram at @krausfamilysugarmakers and they are planning on starting a Facebook page for the sugarhouse soon.

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Cindy Beliczky(non-registered)
Such a wonderful way to spend the long winter days/nights of February! Making delicious maple syrup with friends and family - what could be better! We fully intent to make it to this event sometime soon!
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