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On May 23, 2018 I made a visit to Noreen's Petals & Greens.
I knew the minute I got out of the car that I would like Noreen. The big friendly smile and hello told me that.
Noreen has a wonderful assortment of anything you would want for your gardens.
Beautiful flowers and veggies.
Noreen opens at the beginning of May each year and closes when the plants are all gone.
She makes up beautiful cemetery flower boxes if you need them, and has such beautiful flowers around that would be a wonderful addition to your gardens.
Thank you Noreen for allowing me to photograph your beautiful flowers.
Please stop by and see her.
She is at 2216 East Clarendon Rd
North Clarendon, VT
Phone 802-236-8188

Please like her Facebook page which you can find at this link:

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