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"Greens Sugarhouse, Poultney, Vermont"
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This time of year, when the days are a little warmer and the nights are cold, the sap in the maple trees starts flowing and Vermont sugar makers are very busy.
The Greens are no exception.
I was invited to go to Poultney Vermont yesterday to visit their sugarhouse.
I arrived at about 7:30 pm and they were busy boiling the sap down and making maple syrup.
I met Pam Green, her husband Richard and their workers, Lexi Bancroft, & John DeMatties.
I also met three sweet little 4 legged friends, Koa the fluffy dog, along with Beagles Tapper & Ellie.
Pam tells me that they have been sugar making for 40 years!
She said that her husband Richard used to go to his grandfathers farm in Castleton and help him do his boiling when he was just a little boy.
Richards family have been sugar makers for 6 generations.
Pam and Richard lived up in Charlotte VT and built their own little sugar house and tapped about 50 maple trees.
In the early 80's, Richard & Pam moved to Richards family homestead in Poultney and had a sugar house about a half a mile into the woods behind their house.
Back in those days, you went to where the sap was. They had to lug all of their stuff up into the woods every year. The sap buckets were hanging on the trees then.
They decided to build a house up the road, but she told me that before they even started on the house, they built the sugar house, down by the road and have been boiling their sap there ever since.
Collecting sap is a bit easier now a days because a lot of people run tubing and collect it in big tubs. Although there is still plenty of work checking all of the miles of lines before the season begins.
Last night the fire was roaring, the sap was boiling, and a wind had picked up outdoors. The place smelled delicious, and I did try some of their maple candy and some nice hot syrup. So good!!
The dogs were so funny. They were like the clean up crew. Every time even the smallest amount of syrup hit the floor, they were all over it to clean it up.
The Greens sell their syrup and other maple products right at the sugar house at 1846 Finel Hollow Rd in Poultney VT, at farmers markets and craft fairs, and on their web site. I will post the web site link below.
You can find them on Facebook at Greens Vermont Maple Sugarhouse
& on Instagram -@greenssugarhouse
Thank you so much to the Greens for having me over and Lexi for messaging me.

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