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A few weeks ago I posted a photo that I took of the Wells Country Store in Wells Vermont. That photo received many comments and shares.
The owner of the store, Juli Haley, saw the photo and commented under it that I should have stopped in. Well I didn't have time that day, but I did message her about coming to take photos of the store so I could feature it on my Facebook page. She said we would love to have you come. So yesterday, late morning I did just that. It smelled delicious when I pulled up in front of the store. The smell of pizza cooking permeated the cold winter air.
This store has been around for 186 years!
The Lewis Family owned the store through 4 generations from 1832-1967! Then Bruno & Heidi Zoran owned it for 10 years. After them came Bob & Nancy Dingman who owned it for 25 years. Then the Lippincotts owned it for a year, and then Juli who bought the store in 2002 and has had it for 16 years now.
When you walk in the door, you are greeted with some very friendly "Hello's" from employees, Lindsey Hathaway, who has been working here for 12 years and Natalie Burke who has been at the store for 5 years. One of the first things I noticed was the awesome old marble counter.
Juli & her husband Tim Haley were very busy in the back kitchen making pizzas. You see, Fridays are pizza day!
I met this friendly couple sitting at one of the tables eating their lunch. They told me they come to the store from Granville NY every Friday to have pizza for lunch.
The store was busy with customers coming in and buying baked goods, and a lot of pizza slices. It sounded to me like the Col. Sanders was a pretty popular one.
I noticed that the inside of the front door had many names written on it. I asked Natalie about that and she told me about the Ring String Game. Customers get 3 chances to get the ring on the hook and if they make it, they can write their name on the door.
The baked goods looked and smelled delicious!
I would like to say thank you very much to The Wells Country Store for inviting me to come and take photos. Thank you also to all of the friendly customers who let me take their photos. Feel free to tag yourselves.
When I was getting ready to leave, I was asked, would I like a sandwich? Pizza? Muffin? I said thank you but I was good.
I proceeded to take a few more photos before leaving, but now my stomach was rumbling after their offers! I decided that I would buy a muffin. They are pretty big muffins, and I thought, well I could eat half of it on my way home, and save the other half for that night.
I grabbed a blueberry muffin and they would not let me pay for it.
I thanked them very much and walked out the front door carrying my camera and more importantly,....that muffin!
It was blueberry.
I started my Jeep and headed down the road. I didn't make it very far before that muffin was calling to me! I had to open it, and by the time I made it to Middletown Springs, it was gone!!!
So, if you are passing through the town of Wells, Vermont, please stop in and say hi to the friendly folks at the Wells Country Store!
Please feel free to share this post, and check out the stores Facebook page at, "Wells Country Store"

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